Lil’ Rays

Lil’ Rays Coach
Mary Mulligan, 703-922-9084

Team Representatives
Liz Krein:, 703-405-1421
Erick Lermo:, 703-598-5814

Welcome to the Lil’ Rays Program- Swimming for 3½ to 7 year olds

Lil’ Rays season starts:
June 23rd- July 25th (4 weeks)- Lollipop Meet Monday July, 21st
Session #1: 7:15-7:45am
Session #2 7:45-8:15am
Session #3 8:15-8:45am
Session #4 8:45-9:15am

Summer swimming is a family experience that should be filled with fun for not only your swimmers, but siblings and parents included. The following lets you know what you can expect with summer swim at the Hunt Valley Pool within our Lil’ Ray program that is part of the Hunt Valley Swim Team. Welcome to the team and we’re glad to have you with us!!

Lil’ Rays:
The Lil’ Rays program was established for our littlest swimmers who are not yet able swim a full length of the pool. The primary goal of the program is for the “Lil’ Ray” to have fun while learning to swim better. Our coaches strive to help the older Lil’ Ray’s to become proficient enough, in at least one stroke, to join the other members of the team at one of our Monday evening swim meets by the end of the season. Our Lil’ Rays are considered part of the swim team and are encouraged to participate in all swim team events and activities. At the coaches discretion, swimmers may move up to attend the regular team practices as soon as they become ready. Any previous Lil’ Rays from last year that parents feel are swim team ready this summer should have their swimmer attend one of two coaches skill assessment dates. Coaches will evaluate your former Lil’; Ray’s in the water. Check the team website at for dates.
The cost for Lil’ Rays is $125 and this includes 4 weeks of swim training and a Lil’ Ray’s t-shirt if registered by May 30th 2016.

Coaches and Class Structure:
The Lil’ Ray Head Coach, Mary Mulligan has been working in this program for many years. Her coaching staff consists of young men and women who specialize in working with our littlest swimmers and have been coaching within this program for several years. Our practice sessions are structured so that our ratio of coaches to swimmers is no more than 1 to 4 and most sessions are a 1 to 3 ratio. Practice times are assigned by Coach Mulligan and will go out via email. We wait until registration is finalized before we begin session placement. Please advise Coach Mulligan at if there are other children in the family on the swim team as she will try her best to have your Lil’ Ray swim at the same time as your other Stingrays. However, please note this is not a guarantee as Lil’ Ray class placement is based on ability.

Lil’ Rays Program Requirements:
To participate in Hunt Valley’s Lil’ Rays Swim Program, each family must either be a permanent or temporary member of the Hunt Valley Pool. The Lil’ Ray must be 3½ years old by January 1st, 2016 (no exceptions). Lil’ Rays is NOT a “learn to swim” program; it is a “beginner swim” program. To participate in Lil’ Rays your child must be completely comfortable in the water and not fearful in any way. This behavior is expected on the first day of Lil’ Rays practice. Your Lil’ Ray should be willing to get his/her face wet and be able to bob up and down freely in the water while following simple coaching instruction. If your Lil’ Ray is crying/fearful and not wanting to join in the program by the end of the 2nd day, the Lil’ Ray coaching staff reserves the right to ask you to hold off for another season. We have a variety of other options we can offer to better suit your swimmer. Parents must understand it is imperative that one Lil’ Ray not disturb or distract in any way from the other Lil’ Rays trying to develop new aquatic skills. Our coaches cannot be expected to hold on too or spend more time with one child who just isn’t as ready for the program as the others. Group setting lessons can be a very different experience for some little ones, so don’t worry if another avenue is suggested for your child this season. We offer full refunds the first week of Lil’ Ray’s class.

Lil Ray’s Attire:
Swimmers should wear a swimsuit and goggles each day to swim practice. Girls and boys with longer hair should wear a swim cap as hair in the eyes can be very distracting during swim instruction. The younger swimmers are when they start wearing caps the easier it is to get them in one for a meet. We require all swimmers to be in our Stingray cap for all meets so we can identify the swimmers at the meets. Wet swimmers all start to look the same and B meets can get very confusing for officials trying to identify swimmers. Goggles and swim caps can be purchased during all Lil’ Ray’s practices at a cost of $10 each. **All parents of any Lil’ Rays MUST remain on deck during their swimmers practice. This is not only for the obvious safety reasons, but most Lil’ Rays need frequent potty breaks during practice. It is advised you potty your Lil’ Ray just before they get into the water so we can avoid as many class interruptions as possible. Coaches will not leave their other Lil’ Rays in the water to take a swimmer to the bathroom.

Team & Lil Ray T-shirt Distribution: Wednesday, June 29th:
Team T-shirts are included with the registration fee if registered by May 30th. Swimmers should wear the team t-shirt to all meets.

Lil’ Ray, Team, and Individual Pictures: Thursday, June 30th.
Picture Day Timeline:
8:00-8:45am: All 10 and under swimmers, divers & Lil’ Rays individual/family photos
8:45-9:00am: Lil’ Ray Group photo
9:00-9:15am: Dive Team Group Photo
9:15-9:35am:Swim Team Group photo
9:35-10:30am: 11 and up swimmers, divers & Lil’ Rays individual/family photos
10:30-11:00am Coach and Team rep photos

Even if you do not plan on purchasing individual pictures, please attend the group picture times. We post in the lifeguard shack our Lil’ Rays and team photo every year and like to have all swimmers in it. All swim team swimmers should wear the team suit and all Lil’ Rays should wear their Lil’ Ray T-shirt they will get Tuesday, June 24th (the day before picture day)and white or denim bottoms. The Lil’ Rays will wear no shoes in the group photo.

The main form of communication for all matters pertaining to the Lil’ Rays is through email and website under Lil’ Rays. This includes information concerning: practice, meets, volunteer activities and fun events. Please check your email as frequently as possible during the swim season as updates and final times change closer to the meets. Hang file boxes containing a folder for each swim team family (in alphabetical order by last name) will be available in the pavilion during practice and will contain your swimmers meet ribbons and any hard copy info like team photo order forms. Check the swim team bulletin boards located in the pavilion for current team and Lil’ Rays information, A and B meet directions to away meets, volunteer opportunities, and Officials clinics and trainings. Parent involvement, help, and support are an essential part of the Hunt Valley Swim Team. Families with only Lil’ Ray Swimmers do not have a financial volunteer requirement, but are encouraged to support team activities, especially the team breakfasts, pep rallies and team dinners all Lil’ Rays are welcome be a part of. If you would like to come to a swim meet and volunteer or help the team in another way that would be greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to a great Lil’ Rays season!!

Remember – for NEWS and UPDATES
Check your e-mail frequently. Check the team web-site. Attend practice every day. Check your family file folder regularly. Check team bulletin boards.