Membership Information

Hunt Valley Swim Club is a membership organization that owns and operates the pool and tennis courts for the exclusive use of its members, their families and guests.  We currently have 400 permanent members.  The club’s by-laws define a membership to include the heads of a household and those individuals living in the same home.  Each member family identifies all persons in their family during the payment of dues and registration at the pool. At this time there are permanent memberships available, with no wait list.  Come Join the Fun!

Full Year Memberships:

    • Full/Permanent Member Dues– $565 ($615)
    • Temporary One Year Member Dues – $675 ($725)
    • Pool Maintenance Fee- $50.00

Dues plus $50.00 fee included.

Ask us about our 3 and 4 month temporary plan finance options!

August Only Membership:

    • Good from August 1st through end of season
    • August Member Dues – $250

Permanent Member Benefits:

    • Long term costs savings with reduced yearly dues
    • Guaranteed yearly membership
    • Autopay and optional payment plans!
    • Voting rights at annual meetings
    • Rental and Tenant benefits (see below details)

Tenant Option (Permanent Members Only):  If you are sent out of the area for a few years, and plan to rent out your house, we allow permanent members to temporarily transfer membership rights to your tenant, at no cost.  You or your tenant need only pay the regular permanent member dues and fees.  You get to keep your bond, and when you return, your membership is there waiting for you.

Rental Option (Permanent Members Only):  If you’ll be traveling most of the summer, or you just don’t plan on using the pool this year, we have another option for Permanent members.  We allow you to keep your membership but we’ll find a family to rent it, for a fee.  The rental fee is $100.  There is a 25-member limit on local member rental requests, but none for families sent out of the area.

Moving? No Problem:  If you’re moving, and selling your house, you can transfer your bond to the new owner but must do the transfer through the club.  We can even help your buyer roll the bond payment into the loan!  Transferring your bond allows you an immediate bond refund.

Bond Refunds: While other pools may make you wait months, maybe years to refund your bond after you’ve moved away, if you move out of the area and we haven’t transferred your bond to a new member, we’ll give you back your bond, no questions asked.

Swim and Dive Teams: Hunt Valley offers a competitive swim and dive team season with first class coaching and instruction for your children.  We also have our Lil’ Rays beginner program for your swimmers as young as 3 years old.  These programs are only available for permanent and temporary members.

How To Become a Member?

At this time, there are permanent memberships available. New members must pay the club a one time $800 membership fee that acts as their bond and is refunded upon leaving the club.  Hunt Valley Swim Club also offers a variety of payment options to allow new members to pay their bond and dues over 3-4 months.  Contact membership for details.  If you are interested in a Permanent, or yearly membership you can go directly to the join/pay link, signup, pay online and you’re in!

Sale of Permanent Memberships

Permanent Members can elect to sell their membership at any time and put their name on the sale request list by paying the $10 transfer fee and sending their Membership bond to: Hunt Valley Swim Club, Membership Chair, P.O Box 2083, Springfield, VA 22152.  The club will act on your request by extending an offer to another family. Once the club receives the bond payment from the new member, the previous member will be refunded the amount paid for the bond, minus any outstanding dues and late fees. In the event a permanent member moves out of state, the board may refund the bond without having found a buyer.

Other Fees

    • Application Fee — $25 Registration fee to Apply for any Membership.
    • Guest Pass – $5.00 per guest   *Available for purchase only by current club members
    • Permanent Member Late Payment fee – $50

Got Questions? 

Membership Chair:
Alicia Ogrodny

Mailing Address:
Hunt Valley Swim Club
PO Box 2083
Springfield, VA 22152


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