Membership Info

Membership Chair:

Maria Mitchell

Mailing Address:
Hunt Valley Swim Club
PO Box 2083
Springfield, VA 22152

Hunt Valley Swim Club is a membership organization that owns and operates the pool and tennis courts for the exclusive use of its member families and guests. There are 450 active families during the swim season. This number grows to 475 during the month of August.


Permanent/Full Member – $450
Temporary Member – $625
August Member – $195
Guest Pass  – $5.00 per guest *Available for purchase only by current club members
Late payment fee – $50

The club’s by-laws define a family membership to include the heads of a household and those individuals living in the same home. Each member family identifies all persons in their family during the payment of dues and registration at the pool. The board reviews this information for conformance to this policy and if necessary takes action under the by-laws.

Types of Memberships

Permanent Memberships belong to families that have purchased a refundable membership bond. Our club has 400 permanent memberships. These families enjoy full voting rights, plus a significant savings in membership dues year after year.

The current bond cost is $800 and is refundable when sold to another family.

Currently, the annual dues for permanent member families are $450.

Temporary Memberships belong to families that have chosen a seasonal opportunity for membership privileges in our club. The exact number of temporary memberships available depends on several factors including the number of families electing to rent their permanent memberships. Typically, there are about 75 Temporary Memberships.

The current annual dues for these family memberships are $625.

August Temporary Memberships belong to families that have elected to have membership privileges in our club from August 1st until the season’s end. The club limits these memberships to 25.

The current annual dues for these families are $195

Tenant Memberships belong to families that reside in a Permanent Member’s house and have permission from the Permanent Member to transfer membership rights to these tenants. The number of tenant memberships depends on the number of families electing this option. Typically, there are about 10 Tenant Memberships.

Membership Registration List

Should the number of member applications exceed the number of memberships available, the club will maintain a registration list.  Offers of memberships will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Permanent Member Dues Options

Permanent Member Rentals
Permanent members can elect to ask the club to rent out their membership to a registration list family. This option is fully available to members living outside the Springfield area. However, the club’s by-laws impose a 25 family limit to those members that live in the Springfield area. The club typically receives about 40 such requests a season. These requests are accepted on a first come first serve basis and only from the members who have paid their dues. Once the limit has been reached, the remaining requests are rejected and the members are encouraged to use the facilities for the season. Consequently, once the bills are issued, postmarks of these rental requests become important as they determine if the club is permitted to rent those memberships or not. Upon rental of the membership, the club will refund the costs of the dues less $50.

Permanent Member Landlord Rentals
Permanent members can elect to transfer their membership privileges to the tenants renting their primary residence.

Permanent Member Late Fees and Actions
Late payment of dues is subject to a $50 late fee. Typically about 10 families fall into this category a year. The board takes further action if the dues are not paid under provisions in the by-laws. Typically the board approves the sale of permanent memberships when the dues have not been paid by August. Typically 1 or 2 permanent memberships are sold each year because of delinquent dues.

Sale of Permanent Memberships

Permanent Members can elect to sell their membership at any time. All sales must be transacted through the club. Please note that the by-laws do not allow the member to transact the membership directly to another family. Written notification must be provided with the Membership Certificate and Tennis key to Hunt Valley Swim Club, Membership Chair, P.O Box 2083, Springfield, VA 22152. The Permanent Membership Sale Request form may be used to initiate this process.

The club will act on a request by extending an offer to another family. Once the club receives the payment for the bond, the membership will be transacted to the new owner, and a refund will then be issued to the previous member. The previous member will be refunded the amount paid for the bond, minus a $10 transaction fee and any outstanding dues and late fees.